Jann C. Castor is more than your average composer.

A versatile composer, songwriter, producer, instrumentalist, he's equally at home with sweeping orchestral scores, driving commercial rock & roll and evocative soundtrack material.

There are virtually no limits to his versatility - or his vision.

Amongst Jann C. Castor's achievements are his soundtrack for the series Red Express. Based on trail of the Trans-Siberian railway, this landmark series was screen in over 40 countries (including the USA where it aired on the ABC network). Many reviews of the program pointed to Jann Castor's powerfully compelling soundtrack, evoking comparisons to the likes of Ennio Morricone. The soundtrack was nominated for an ARIA award in Australia.

But as it happens, the sounds found on Red Express (released on CD through BMG) represent only one facet of Jann Castor's music.

From the instantly accessible contemporary rock and pop music found on his 1990 album Precedence, to the haunting magic of his Bicentennial Requiem for 40 Didgeridoos and Orchestra, Jann Castor is clearly not a musician to be limited to one style. This was further proved more recently with Jann 's latest composition, the masterful Concerto for 11-String Steel guitar and Orchestra. Composed and demoed entirely on computer (but ultimately intended for full concert with an 80 piece orchestra) it establishes Jann C. Castor as one of the most original musical talents to emerge in recent times.

After migrating to USA Jann becomes involved with new music technologies and gains his four year experience with multimedia tools working as an in - house composer for the multiple award winner Company COW, based in Los Angeles. He makes outstanding interactive soundtracks for MERCEDES BENZ CD ROM, PIONEER CD ROM, ART CENTER, TETRAPAK, MOTOROLA and he scores one of the biggest multimedia projects from DISNEY that depicts the entire history of Disney on CD ROM in 300 interactive movies. Disney Website, at www.dailyblast.com, features his music for D-Toys, widely acclaimed for its musical merit. He receives many awards in this new field as detailed in his Resume.

Jann, despite his commitment to his projects in USA, has also travelled to Poland, where he undertook numerous projects working with prominent artists such as Kasia Figura, Grzegorz Ciechowski, Grzegorz Matysik. Currently, he is releasing an album in his native Poland - he also  worked as a musical composer for  famous "STU" Theatre in Cracow.

Of course, in addition to highly sophisticated interactive projects, he continues writing "linear music" for feature films, highlighted in his resume page.

As a soundtrack composer, Jann brings some very special qualities to any project; vision, dedication, a high level of technical ability - and a world of possibilities.