Cadillac Vagina Dream Part One: Praying Mantis Queen
(by jann castor, Thursday, February 5, 2009)

I was born with a thorn
and green petals, be forewarned

Yeah, I know your dirty dreams
I can see through all your scheme

I will sit on Queening Chair
I’m the honey, you’re the bear

Hey, you smutty little boy
it’s a flower, not a toy

Dance the devil’s tongue of yours
HI down there, Luke, use the force!

This ecstasy will not last
if you’re doing it too fast!

Make it slow, pick up the pace
take me to a higher place

Change your song into a verse
be perverse and than revers

So could verse become a song
make it short than make it long

Be a butterfly, don’t rest
this is your October fest

Close your eyes so I can see
me for you and you for me

say your prayers, smutty one
hope you had a lot of fun

I’m a lethal weapon five
heave a sigh before you die.