(jann c castor 2nd of January 1998)


I am here.
I never left you.

I was here 
when you felt there was no one beside you.

I cried with you 
Do you remember?

You were eight years old
when you're world crumbled.

My world was there too.

When you first felt hurt
and stood astounded

crying and screaming

I was there. 
Do you remember?

When there was beatitude
and you took wing with angels

I was right beside you.

When you grew and prospered
I smiled from the heights of adoration

When you fell
I held you gently in tender embrace

and the silence was music

and the music was all

and it was you and me

soaring the skies as if two comets joining the path

and we became one 

Now you remember. 

copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 1998