Cathedral of Spirits

(jann castor 25th of september, 2000)

There was no sand, no ice, no time. 

Yet she built a castle 
from paper and glue.

At least it seemed like it when it caught my eye!

She broke down after she brought it into being.

She said:

" I dance to good times
I dance to bad times
and there is no time for a second mistake.
So I will dance to your song the best I can
if you play the best you once knew"

She put a new dress on
and I watched her, wondering of what is to come.

Her Citadel lit up with dancers and singers
beggars and courtesans 
bards and their muses
Kings and Queens
with her in the middle!

Paper and glue turned into granite and marble
shinning with gemstones I saw once in Ali Babasís cave!

I stood in awe spilling wine from my glass, 
while she danced as if there was no time and no intent.

I said:

"The smallest of dreams could turn into Coliseum.
But only, if you know how to speak with the spirits.
I spoke to them often without knowing how!"

The Kings and the Queens remained silent
as if they didn't know how to dance or cheer.

We create and discover.
Is there any other purpose? 


copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 2002