(jann castor, 28th of May, 1997) 

...I ainít have all of heavens to fall from. I can put myself there
      but itís not worth a dime, if you donít share it with someone.

...Some people think they procured higher knowledge thus 
    became saints in their own minds. But when it comes to showing 
  their souls,  they become monsters. 

... every time you look in a mirror, be careful. You might believe 
     that what you see is true.


Kiss me good morning 
- like you kissed me good night

Break bread with me 
- without breaking my heart

Joke with me not darling
- when you give me a smile

Walk today with me
- like we walked last night 

I will touch your heart gently 
- when you bite my neck 

I'll give a thought that is kind 
- without taking it back

So tender the milk & honey 
- without showing the spite

And I'll cast away the dark spirits 
- while you throw the light

Shine on me softly 
- I won't shadow your soul

Let us soar high in heavens
- I will not let you fall

Take my hand in yours 
- I won't throw your love away

Feel your bliss that is sacred 
- when I'm whispering your name 

and all that is here 
and all that you dream

all that we are 
and all that we miss

put in your coffee cup, darling
...and let me drink it with bliss.  

copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 1998