((jann castor 13thof June, 2001)

Cooking and Destiny

(by jann castor, Wednesday, June 13, 2001)

I cannot battle the world of nonsense.
People believe in God than never came to be.

I am only as powerful as my thought 
so I can create the Universe, too!

So I took my pots and pans, making loud noises
putting them on a hot stove.

Someone said once:

"a perfect balance of taste is  how you think of your creation
- give your cooking a trace of the divine - and if you listen - 
I will show you where the herbs grow."

So, becoming humble, I asked for guidance
After all, my lover is going to share my meal with me tonight!

Oh!  If only my love-making could be as divine 
as the blend of spices in my soup!

With much luck and nisus, it later became a perfect balance
of my own Universe -

- and she was delighted. 

The miracle came to be, after all - 
- so my destiny could dwell somewhere, 
without deception.

 Like a recipe for a perfect soul.

Try to cook that!

copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 2001