(by jann castor, los angeles, Friday, November 1, 2002)


So we had an argument.


Your retort is not

what I expected.


Let us not judge ourselves

but converse -

since we only mean to see our own grace.


We haven’t?


Silly us, we made another mistake!


Our complex moments in which we exist

may have misguided us

instead of leading us to enlightenment!


See what life can do to us?


But it is not cul-de-sac yet.


Let’s watch the flow of water instead.

and find our way like

it always finds its own.


Let us be water

or we will part the skies we dreamt of  

for ever.


Isn’t it how we breathe?


If we breathe, we can flow.


copyright Jann C. Castor © 2002 WGA