(jann c castor 2nd o January 1997 - may 1997 )


you came too near you came too nigh your eyes in hiding your face in disguise unbending passions and crumbled fears the brush and the stroke suspended and still you say a word when I say two is this a dance or just me and you bearing new fears when a dance begins..?

The two and the three so afraid and bemused every step of the way anyway we choose spawning the movement in winsome conceits some afraid of ambush some wary of cheats you took a step while I took two dancing the shadows once again, anew! Reviving the passions and burying our fears...

Does every dance come to a close? Does every footfall refrains our pain? Does every love turn into spite and every prayer into disdain? Just take a step and I'll take two to break the dance where me and you will bury the passions and harvest new fears...

No! You know we danced once! then died many deaths so when you look and I look back I know the reason why we meet again in this blustering movement of bliss and pain So I humble my aches and repeat my request : care for a dance without a jest...?

Dance! Eat and drink! Take all that you can delight in the mystery delve its domains! Let's burst into riddles and explore all of the turns the brilliance, the gaiety and before all of it ends I'll say one word and you 'll say two is this a dance or just me and you living the passions without any fear..?

copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 1998