(jann castor, 3rd of september 2000)

new poems are like tides
that come with a promise
and leave with no regret

new heroes are like poems
they seem invincible
and perish neglected 

like monte christo
and all those in bondage or grievance 

new escorts are coming
then retreat fallaciously

 like you and me

love and illusion 
are twins that preside
over anguish 

until we abandon the heroes
the muses
and all deceptions

there is nothing left but gore 


they diffuse all
so answers would elude the moments
and mystify all
we yearn for.

Garson, give us more thought
or if you have none
fill our cups with nothing less then red.

Maybe then we'll read
the next fable of lovers

and those who are dreaming.

copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 2000