(jann c castor 14thof September 1997)

IN The Name Of The Father


My God-

You forgot to crucify  me!
How dare you

So I lifted my beads
above your rib
to make myself known

You didn't notice.

Father -

You forgot my birthday!
How dare you

So when I woke up
I came inside me
to seek the reason

You weren't there


I still remember
I was in your arms once

Even then it felt
as if I were on a cross.

And I thought it was a moment of bliss.

Father -

My oneness  
shrunk in disbelief and wonder

and you
made it last for eternity.


You know, in my garden
I unearthed clay I could mold

My hands -
starved to cast your  deceits
and wound your likeness
died in stillnes

I gashed my anima
carved in intaglio
tied my blood

fostered my nexus
and separated without harming you
making it into beads
with a surgical precision

Father -

I descried -

I am not your son
but a maiden.

Now, that I know that
My flesh with no bone
seems complete.

copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 1998