this  poem speaks of another person's experience 
imagined by the writer. Or could it be a channeling experience..?


(by jann castor  November 26, 1998)

Anguish anguish anguish
Like a train like a train
In the morning in the morning

Fear fear fear
Like a plane like a plane
hollow eyed hollow eyed 

Agonize agonize
Push me where the summers end
Dread dread dread

Who are you who are you
Where is where
What is there

I can't breathe my stomach aches
You are bad you are bad
Mother father which is which

Now my lovers run away
Fear is where they're running from
Let me be let me go

Don't hold on and don't behold
Mother father let me go
I am wan I am done

Mother father
Father mother
Train of fear my death is near

copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 1998