(who wins, loses.)


(by jann castor, 21st of May, 2000)

It makes no sense 
The world is divided.

Strong or weak
They will always fight amongst themselves.

It makes no sense
For the power to preside.

It serves nothing, but the moment.
All others perish unaware.

It makes perfect sense 
For gladiators to win!

Or the weak to lose.

The sense of justice or godliness
Lies under the cover of lies and deception.

Who wins survives.
Who loses gets nothing.

Like us, animals procreate the fittest of them all.

Heroes are always strong and they have no mercy.

Only the rulers can change that.

Be your own soul
And then, you do not have to worry 
About wining.

Try that.

.copyright  Jann C. Castor © 2000,WGA