(by jann castor, Thursday, July 12, 2001)

Your emotion is a dynamic you cannot foresee.
Nobody is ever forewarned.

There is bliss and anguish walking hand in hand.

There is love and hate
and everything in between
knocking at your door at the same time.

There is a moth of summer on the edge of your window
or maybe a cockroach under your bed.

You have visitors, who show up uninvited
when you least expect them.

They are your teachers, whoever they are.

Those who frighten you,
are mirrors of your own self.

Those who entice you,
are what you are not.

Your body is your house
and your lovers stay there always. 

Welcome them all, but do not allow them to abide,
if their intention is only to find their own reflection.

Now, grow from that or shrivel away! 

What else would you expect to hear?

copyright  Jann C. Castor © 2001WGA