(jann c castor 16th of June 1997)


Let no intruder
or a trespasser
on my hunting ground.

even bird-watchers
and bystanders
are banned

It's only for those who see
beyond what I see
that can enter

I know
my domain is beyond my own grasp
so I ban myself from it
for now

But let me be and let me hunt
the moments
the forgotten
the neglected
the failed
the fragile
the loved
and all what I protect in me

Loving you with all surrender
I can find in my strength
silences my spirit.

It is because no words can embrace
its deathlessness

Only you heard its silence
and its voice.

But I cannot incarnate wholly
without knowing
that I am a hunter
in my own domain

My domain cannot survive without me!

And that is why I bless it
and pray for it to be as is.

But if it has to fade
I will let it go

And before you take it away
bury me in it for
I cannot die without it.

copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 1998