(by jann castor, Monday, June 11, 2001


((Future didn't happen
The past is gone
What is now?)

There are many ways of dying.
As many, as there are ways of living.

Life changes in perception, as everything, it's just a state of mind.
Don't be misled or misguided.

Yesterday's frolic could be your today's nightmare.
Life changes in perception, I told you so!

Love is most precious, but one could turn it into a joke.
Beware, you have all the power of choice.

Wake up at dawn and look through your window
The first bird you hear praises the daybreak. not the yesterday's twilight!

But you wander in your past instead of living at this moment.
Take a lesson from a bird, it does not remember what's gone by!

I wish I was that bird, but instead  -
I became its captor.

Now, scratching my head, I wonder -
What would it be like to set it free?

.copyright  Jann C. Castor © 2001WGA