(by jann castor, 1/18/09 7:12 AM)

shaman, shaman
will you party with me

I will dance around the fire
wearing my divinity
or high heels if you desire

shaman, shaman
will you rise from dead

I will dance around this moon
and wear this spell around my waist
so your hex would last till noon

shaman, shaman
sun has risen in the west

I will dance the world away
wrapped in thoughts from far beyond
so my youth would never fade

shaman, shaman
your curse has wilted, it is gone

I have danced around your soul
dressed in my nakedness
give me back all that you stole

shaman, shaman
I will have to let you go

I’m still dancing in the sky
wearing funky shoes you bought
farewell, the time is nigh

I take back all that is mine.