(jann c castor, 11th of September,1998)


here it is.

nature itself.

she stood by my door waiting to be invited in.

so I did!

she does her work beautifully.

without knowing, she follows.
without an effort she supervenes.

green smile, gracious stance.

come on in, darling. 
I'll make you some green tea.

I watched her for hours locked in a jar.
after I captured her, of course.

I'll keep you a prisoner, darling.
and you'll watch me work till dawn.

I did as I said.

morning came and she was still graciously praying
as she knew best.

bewildered, I chose not to take revenge for all
her nature make her do

so I opened the jar and let her go.

she's gone! The grass swallowed her!


The month of mantises praying.

Ces't la vie!

copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 1998,WGA