jann castor, 3rd of October 1998 


to endure betrayal without betraying your own soul 
to live a life that is sacred where virtue is wasteful 
to be generous when scarcity is all I experience 
to listen to the inner strength where corruption and 
                         compliance is god 
to give when disparaged, abandoned and cast out 
to forgive when not freed from blame or - 
to let go when cursed or hell-bound 
to love when forsaken and 
to cherish when imperiled 
to be alert where ever vigilance is absent 
to meditate when dismissal is all that surrounds you 
to relinquish whilst demands crash and shatter your 
to surrender at the time where battles besiege you 
to be  tranquil when chaos and Pandemonium 
heaves you in inferno so vast and remorseless 

is all I want in me 
and pray for 
though I am godless 

copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 1998