(by jann c castor, 3 of march 1999)

I feeel my touch and I hear my words
better than anybody

but believe me -
It's not worth a dime
If I cannot share it with you

My love is strange
and full of angst

and it will shadow me
if you can't understand and forsee

I feel your fear and I see your demons
better than anybody

but believe me I won't cast them away

If you cannot share it with me

I am anxious but
I am not lost

All I know is that I think
and exist always

My lovers and my past
got me closer
to divinity

I discarded them all
but why?

I feel full and empty
joyous and sad and
all that makes me feel human

And, at the same time I ask the Gods f
or a better life!

I am sick an sorrrowful
but then I feel like Zeus

O, dear beloved,
Come and sing with me!