(by jann c castor, somewhere, sometimes)

A wise man told me once:

"Words with no action 
are like a casket with no corpse inside.

Or like a hollow wind 
that gathers no dust."

I argued till dawn,

"Believe in your senses, and learn what defies them".
was all he uttered, falling asleep.

Baffled and doubtful 
I had no choice but to wander.

So I went away
casting the words Iíve heard from my master.

I met those who worshipped
and those who tried to stone me.

Being hollow made nothing.

Fearing myself was my death
and I had no mourners.

I died 
enchanted by the song of Sirens, and Ulysses saw me.

Oh, if I could only whisper to my lover
the words I once learnt.

There would be no illusion or a need to write this poem.


copyrightĘ Jann C. Castor © 20018,WGA