(by jann c castor, 7th of August 2001

Are you a lover
or a graveyard?

Don't ask,
we both won't know that until the dawn comes.

Are you a dream or a nightmare?

Hush for a while, we will soon find out.

Shall I stay inside wrestling with perfection
while you will leave welcoming the daybreak?

Don't ask,
just be present when I return.

I think I was stronger than I thought at that hour -
were there  those who maybe more ashamed than I ?

Nobody, not even you.
But you saw the morning dew without me!

I want you to be near -
except  when I am not around you.

What if I fall in love with you?

You will be lighting a candle
in a room full of light.

And if I don't?

Then you'll never know the difference.

. copyrightĘ Jann C. Castor © 20018,WGA