(by jann castor, Monday, May 18, 2009)
(Hera allowed her Servant Argus who had hundred eyes not to be forgotten
and put his eyes on the tail of the peacock).
They say words are gifts from Heaven
if they are to praise the Divine
As the words of the Poet Hesiod
created Aphrodite from sea foam
they fated Her as the Olympian Goddess
with Love, Beauty and Fertility as Her eternal allies
While Scipio invented Music
and Poseidon ruled the Waterworld
Zeus took the Sky
and gave Hera the Servant Argus
who had hundreds of eyes
Yet, The Gods were conceived of as a Woman
so the Goddess would take many forms
even that of a bird.
A Man or a God must abide by
the Sacred Woman
as She is the Bearer of Love And Beauty
for Eternity.

copyright Jann Castor WGA,2006