...Information is not Knowledge
Knowledge is not Wisdom 
Wisdom is not Love 
...Music is the best

Frank Zappa


(jann castor, 14th of April, 1997, 1:37 pm)

Words of love
nourish the hearts 
so words of wisdom 
could attend the soul

souls and hearts
seek the communion 
in a quiet surrender 
without erosion by anguish

there are words so puissant
they could demolish the beauty 
of clear surrender 
to which one can return no more

It is possible that anguish
is a quiet discord and contrariety 
of souls and hearts 
that we need no more

and yet without dissension
and embraced imperfection
I could only wander the wasted lands 
with no find of joy or triumph

I asked: could it be that perfection 
is a synonym of constant search 
for unity that eludes and evades 
our conquests of excellence?

Yes, I wandered through anguish
and tasted from all aggrieved finds 
I brought upon myself 
in misconstrued chase for perfection

So I gave away the shells
of acknowledgments and fortunes 
words and phrases 
that no longer could protect me well

with no presence of abandonment or fear 
I laid open 
here I am for you 
even if you hurt me

I found there is not enough
lifetimes left 
for conquests of perfections 
as the one we have is most empowered

and what could grow in freedom
harvested with elation 
shrivels and withers 
in captivity and subjection

for when the anguished 
reconcile with the sinned
maybe that's how 
beauty and excellence is born

so love me I beg you
for I am a sinner 
and take all my ardor 
for all your sins 

copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 1998