The Prince and The Witch


(by Jann Castor)


Once upon a time there were was a Prince , who thought he was no sucker, and who had many self-appointed Princesses in his life.  All of the Princesses he met were cute, so he wrote poems and music for them thinking that that way he will find his divine partner that would delight him with her companionship in return for his romantic and powerful passion.


After a long search, going through many, he grew disappointed and discouraged, (although some of them were quite exquisite in blow jobs). All of the Princesses were interested only in his wealth and titles, as they were unscrupulous hiding their dark hearts under the cover of false pretenses and their claims to greatness.  Soon, he became impoverished, as he was stupid enough to spend his fortune on them.


Seeking advice, he came to an old witch, asking for help. She listened to his story with a grin on her face and said:


"Go back and kiss again those, who you you kissed before and you will find your answer."


So he did. 


To his surprise, every bitch in town he kissed turned into a frog.  Angry, he came back to a witch blaming her for being ill-advised.


" Seek further, and you will go further" - a witch replied.


The Prince felt there is nobody else in town to get laid with,  plus he had no money left, so instead, he changed his profession to frog farming. An old witch became his business partner and a faithful companion. They became both rich and one day the Prince asked the witch:


"What would happen if I kissed you?"


"Be careful - she answered -  you still need at least one witch in your life"


copyright Jann C. Castor © 2002 WGA