(jann c castor, 6th of september, 1998) 

scorip.gifunder the SCORPIO MOON

She undressed under the Scorpio Moon
and summoned me to wed the moment.

Her spirit unaware of perils
gave itself away. 

I said: 
"I have a broken soul
Take it away and set it ablaze.
I am sick and full of sorrow
with no place to put it 
without causing the skies to frown."

She said: 
"I know. My spirit was there, too. You are welcome to scatter
yours and mine across all the distances you can find."

I looked at her naked body and saw her darkness 
That was  close to mine.

We quieted. I felt her movement
filled with glistening fragrances
and unbound spirit.

Nothing before or after could ever break the spell!

Could it be that I felt  the myriad 
of  dainty raindrops falling
into the center of dwellings
where only pain abides?

The orient skies must have been ill-starred
when she left their protection.

She was comely.
Knowing how to sojourn
and how to travel.

Oh, the Scorpio Moon 
so bountiful 
so tranquil
How did you become?

 copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 1998