(jann c castor, october 21, 1998)
 a new verse?
then it has to be a new trial!
without thinking 
I disrobe all my fantasies
and I look for no boundaries
where all mystical phrases and notions sojourn
you are welcome to join the path
you can follow
or lead.
so what will it be now?
will you be my escort or ridicule?
It's along way and somewhat treacherous!
oh, yes, there are lying in wait.
magic potions smelling of  heaven
might take you to hell.
take a whiff and you will know what I mean!
darkness brings the light
but the light might ambush your thought
and make you fall.
look above and you will see what I see!
I go there everyday without fear
and without fear I return.
come and join me.
or I will join you if you tender your request!
your life or mine
speaks the wonders equally
although our skies and dreams
may live a thousand years apart.
oh, can I travel to where you are?
copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 1998