(by jann castor, april 18th, 2005)

Being in the white light only
is the same as being in the darkness

You see no direction.
So, it’s the same with this:

Those who are emptying their minds
know no thought

Those who plug their ears
will have the same result.

Those who appear to think and know all
maybe entangled in void

Could one take their mask off and
relinquish both?

Could one keep the mind agile
and fill it with knowledge without dogma?

Maybe then we could wander into space
becoming weightless and transient -

without fear of death or the feeling of weight
you have to drag around -

hearing the sounds
and oscillating without feedback or -

standing aside the thoughts observing
the absence of anxiety and trembling

It makes no difference to what is going to happen!
let’s consider it now
without defense

copyright  Jann C. Castor  © 2005WGA